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Terms and Conditions
AD Wallet – Terms and Conditions 
What is the Wallet?
The Wallet is a prepaid instrument that enables you to use the AD Service multiple times by making a one-time payment of a certain value. This will be added to your Wallet as prepaid balance. When you select the Wallet as the mode of payment for your service order, the corresponding amount will be deducted from your Wallet balance.Why should I use the Wallet?
The Wallet feature lets you conveniently make purchases on Anything Delivered (Website and mobile application)

  • Maintain Wallet balance and make multiple payments without entering card or bank details every single time you use our service
  • Simpler and faster checkout process and no need to “Tip” someone just because you don’t have change

How do I sign up for the Wallet feature?
You are not required to sign up separately for the Wallet. Simply log in to your www.anythingdelivered.in/bookings  account to begin using the Wallet feature. Of course you need to maintain a balance to actually pay using this option.

Can I pay only Delivery charges or can I pay my bill also through Wallet balance?

You can pay all charges through your wallet balance. 

What do I do if my Wallet balance is insufficient?
In case your Wallet balance is lower than the total amount payable for your order, you can make a partial payment using your Wallet and then pay the remaining amount using any of the other payment options or cash.

Can I transfer my Wallet balance?

Yes. The Wallet is associated with your Anything Delivered account only but, if you need you can transfer to your bank account or other wallets allowed by the merchant (UDIO)
What is the Wallet refund policy?
The refund policy of the Wallet is governed by the type of balance you maintain in your Wallet account.

  • Topped-Up Balance: This component refers to the prepaid credit balance in your wallet that you have purchased using your credit/debit card or Netbanking for use against future orders. The amount residing in this component is refundable only to the extent the merchant facilitates transfer to third party wallets or Bank Accounts. No cash refund is offered or solicited by AD Intra Logs Pvt Ltd. Or Anything Delivered.
  • Delivery Credit: This is the credit offered by Anything Delivered typically in lieu of a cancelled order or an overcharged order this is fully refundable to your nominated account or wallet.
  • Promotional Balance: This is credit granted purely for promotional or goodwill purposes. The amount residing in this component is not refundable.

Is there any expiry date for the balance in the Wallet?
No. There is no expiry date for the Wallet balance. You will be able to use it to make purchases at any point in time.

Can I delete my Wallet?
Since the Wallet is associated with an account, it cannot be deleted separately. The Wallet as a feature is designed to expedite your payments on Anything Delivered.  You may choose not to use it.