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Get “anything” delivered and any errand (task) completed by hiring an AD-Helper.


Logistics is still a big challenge for small business owners. AD Logs enables business and residential customers book a commercial auto-rickshaw/3 wheeler/tuk tuk to move their goods at affordable prices.


Need to be somewhere in quick time? AD Rider service enables a quick ride on a bike at an affordable price within the city.

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Anything Delivered is India’s first hyperlocal delivery service commenced in 2012 in Coimbatore, India. Our service extends in all majors cities in Tamil Nadu and outside of Tamil Nadu; we are in Bengaluru and Cochin (the list grows on with time)

We have done over 150000 deliveries and counting. Our mission is to be a reliable service provider to our customers.

Q. What do we do?

We are an errands service provider. There are occasions when we are unable to do something due a number of reasons, for instance a nursing mother has run out of diapers. She needs someone to bring a pack of diapers and all she has to do is access AD to help them. The issue is simple and can happen to anyone.

AD provides a hassle free errands system that you can be assured that help is just a call away. Bookings can be done through a mobile application, web page and a phone call.

Q. How do we charge the customer?

The charges are based on distance travelled and time spent.

Q. How fast is the service and coverage?

We have a good mix of independent helpers and full time staff who move, the moment a request is raised. We currently provide our service in Tamil Nadu, Bengaluru and Cochin. We are launching our international operations in June 2016 with services commencing in Singapore and Srilanka.

Q. How do we book the service?

AD Services can be booked via mobile application, website and your phone (yes you read that right we still use phones).

Q. How do you ensure safety of information and customers?

All the delivery partners will have their details and proof of existence verified. Police clearance is done when possible but, most of the DP are locals with a background check completed. Also, in the last 5 years not once have we faced such an issue.

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AD RIDE – is a bike rideshare service through which people can get a quick ride to their destination on a motorcycle. Despite the fact that passenger commute has become great after the advent of Uber and OLA cabs but, still nothing beats peak traffic.

On a busy day at peak traffic only a bike can sneak in, a valuable few minutes and get you to your destination quickly.

Q. So, is this a Taxi Service like OLA?

No, AD- Ride is not a Taxi service. It is a rideshare service. We register people who are interested in offering a lift to a fellow being and connect with someone who is looking for a quick commute across the city for a small fee.

Q. How safe is the bike ride ?

This is just like how you would travel with your friend on a bike. You have the right to get out of a trip if you feel the riders are rash and you also have a rating system and a care line to take complaints.

Usually, we do advice our riders to take road safety seriously and also our monitoring system can track their speeds (still developing).

Q. How reliable is the pricing ? Can they choose what they charge?

The price you pay is based on the distance and time and the price is displayed on both your mobiles after the trip. You also can get a rough estimate of the price before the trip therefore; it is not a choice but, a system.


How It Works


Download our Mobile Application from Playstore

Sign-up to our service and Login

Choose your location or enter pick-up address

Our rider will pick you up promptly, with a spare helmet.

Arrive at your destination quickly and safely 🙂

Pay a small fee to the rider, displayed on your mobile.

Spend less time in Traffic and more with family.

What Clients Say About Us

My experience with Anything Delivered started a couple of years back when I forgot my iPhone at brookefields food court. I didn’t realize that I didn’t have my phone with me till I reached home at Kalapati. It was late in the night and I was totally upset on what can be done about it? Suddenly I remembered the writeup on Anything Delivered services in metroplus Coimbatore edition. I found their number and called them. The team was responsible enough to answer me during that time. Next day morning when I woke up, my iPhone was delivered to me. Very committed and responsible team. Affordable as well. Hats off to all the team members. AD rocks!
Gayathri Rajesh - Coimbatore
More than me, Anything Delivered is well known to my aged Father. I and my wife are working in a software company and I dont have time to get medicines or anything my father wants whenever he was in a need. I was feeling very guilty though. One of my friends told me about AD delivery and I gave their number to my dad. After that, whenever he wants something, he calls Anything Delivered. Thanks AD for your unparalleled service.
Srinivasan - Coimbatore
  •   I recently had to deliver medicines for my mother and since I was busy I took the service of Anything Delivered and they promptly delivered the package without any delay. I've been availing of their service ever since. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. Keep up the good work, guys.

    thumb Thaya Balasubramani

      I am a regular user of this app; to deliver goods as well as to commute from my home to office and vice versa .It is reasonable and reliable. The delivery is really fast. It has made commuting in Coimbatore a lot more hassle-free. I highly recommend this app to all.

    thumb Sanjai Balu
  •   ANYTHING ன் சேவை கோவையில் மற்றுமின்றி உலகம் முழுதும் செழிக்க என் வாழ்த்துக்கள்.அவர்களுடைய தரம் அவர்களுடைய பணியில் தெரிந்தது .மேலாளர் திரு.வினோத் அவர்களின் அனுகுமுறை மிகவும் அருமை நன்றி ரா.பூமிநாதன்

    thumb Boomi Nathan

      Very good Service good response. I would to like congratulate the team

    thumb Amir Amirthalingam
  •   These guys are god sent. They address real problems when you want it. I have never seen them loose their enthusiasm no matter what. I just wish the market recognises them and takes them to the next level. All the best guys 🙂

    thumb Adhithya

      This is about Anything Delivered-Bangalore. Excellent service, courteous and on time. I will be a regular customer. Thanks guys! �

    thumb Sangeetha Ravi
  •   Right Delivery at the Right Place and at the Right Time.. � cheers to the team !

    thumb Deepak


    thumb Saji Str
  •   Aesome service..Delivered on time n delivery speed is at its best..Keep going

    thumb Naresh Nandimandalam

      great concept. And they literally deliver anything buddy ! Great going. Best wishes.

    thumb Vinay Puri
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